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Larry Myer Flyer

We’ve come to May and most of the summer dates are in the book.  Starting things off with a trip over to the Brau Haus in Amana on Friday and then Sunday at The River Valley Winery.  Next Saturday is at The Little Swan Lake Winery and then out to Montana for a couple of weeks.  June starts back in Iowa with some trips to Minnesota and North Dakota and the summer Rocky Mountain tour begins in mid July.  I need to get a T shirt that says “Your vacation is my life”.


The web site is newly updated and Heather Kelly has done a great job getting it up and going.


I’m looking forward to a successful gardening season and it’s exceptional to see the many different types of fruiting plants I have assembled over the years.  Fruits and berries of all kinds and colors.  Yummy.


So on we go.


And I hope to see YOU!



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